Sacrifice: Bk 1, y Ddraig [The Dragons of Brython]' - a gritty, dragony, dark ages fantasy by Gwendolyn Beynon

528 A.D - It’s cold. It’s muddy. It’s miserable. The Chieftains of dark-age Wales are still setting their country to rights after Rome abandoned them a century before and now invaders from the east are raging towards them with their sights set on Wales’ fertile valleys. One warlord has risen above them all on the magic he has stolen from a creature that hasn’t been seen by common men since the Red Cloaks slaughtered the Druids—y Ddraig. King Artwr sends his fierce brother, Cai, to retrieve a dragon’s egg to give him the gift of sight. But the egg is guarded by Melangell of the Old People, raised as a dragon-maiden, her life forfeit to the protection of the Ancient Ones.  Melangell expects to pass her years as have a score of teachers before her—hidden away in a remote forest, safeguarding a relic that barely moves from year to year, never using the deadly and secret skills she has been painstakingly learning since she was a babe. But the King’s relentless pursuit of this most holy relic throws her into the middle of his war and, though she is not yet adept, Melangell must enter captivity with the egg to defend the sleeping dragonling within. [Sacrifice is the first in a series of three books based around y Ddraig (the Dragon) set in sixth-century Arthurian Wales, featuring characters based on Welsh myth, literature and/or history.]