The Turnaround Treasure Shop (contemporary small town romance) by Jennie Jones

Looking for a delightful, warm story about family and second-chance love?

Lily Johnson has two teenage children, a waitressing job and a dream. With just over 100 residents in her hometown of Swallow’s Fall in the Australian Snowy Mountains, there’s little chance to dream big. But there’s an empty corner shop on Main Street and Lily has plans for it – one day she’ll open it as a country curios shop and turn her impossible dream into a reality.

Ex-Navy diver Nick Barton backed away from his impossible dream – Lily and her children. He’s been in town a year, keeping his distance and maintaining a casual acquaintance with Lily. They’re both divorced and Nick doesn’t believe he deserves a second-chance. But when he comes to understand more about Lily through his easy friendship with her children, he understands how hard Lily is working for her dream. Nick wants to help but by doing so, he might ruin his only chance with Lily.

Everyone has the right to at least one dream coming true, and Lily is determined to achieve her goal on her own. But if she doesn’t take this chance now, she might find that “one day” never comes.

This is book #4 in the bestselling Swallow’s Fall series by Jennie Jones, but like all Jennie’s books – it can be read as a stand-alone story.