Americosis Vol. 1 - a darkly comic sci-fi novel horror book promotion by Haydn Wilks

Americosis Vol. 1 - a darkly comic sci-fi novel horror book promotion by Haydn Wilks
In New York, a young woman is sitting in a McDonalds, fading, life and energy slipping away from her. She scans the other customers, looking for her last chance to pass her disease on…

In New Mexico, Maybelline speeds through the dead of night, buzzing with beer. A naked man appears in the middle of a desert road. She hits him. When he wakes up, he tells her that he’s traveled through time. He tells her that he’s come to save America.

AMERICOSIS is an epic blend of science fiction, horror, thriller and dark comedy.

Volume 1 is a short novella that introduces the series and gives a flavor of all the madness that will follow.

It zips across the USA, with the bulk of the action in the first installment occurring in New Mexico, West Texas and Manhattan.


Maybelline takes the supposed time traveler to her sister’s ranch.

Her sister’s husband Hank is a no-nonsense Texan with an arsenal of guns and a lie detector.

Against his better judgment, Hank’s going to give America’s savior a chance to prove if he’s really from the future or not.


John Baldini is vice president of investor relations at a firm that connects Silicon Valley start-ups with Wall Street money men.

Erica Fitzkoff-Baldini is a very successful psychiatrist with a practice on Madison Avenue.

They have an apartment that overlooks Central Park. They’ve just come back from a vacation in the Caribbean. And in the space of a day, their lives will change forever.

A bizarre new sexually transmitted disease is tearing through New York’s bright young things, burning them out in a drive to infect others.

And a Presidential candidate is seeing angels.

It might just be madness… it might be the apocalypse.

Whatever it is, it’s about to become Erica’s problem.


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