Chasing Prophecy - a Young Adult Paranormal Mystery Romance by James Moser

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"A stellar read, full of hilarious growing pains, tenderness, and a few surprises. The author offers an irresistible narrator in Mo Kirkland. Every page ripples . . ." --Kirkus Reviews

Mo is a boy just trying to survive high school in Boulder Creek, a mysterious mountain town proud of its reputation as the "Bigfoot Sighting Capital of the World."

He secretly loves Prophecy, a girl living with a group that some call a commune and others call a cult. When her family chooses a dangerous path, Mo learns that real monsters don't hide in the woods.

Chasing Prophecy is a heartwarming coming of age story about a boy who risks everything for one chance to save the girl of his dreams. The author delivers equal parts mystery and suspense, romance and adventure, in this thrilling new book. Take a peek with Amazon's "Look Inside" feature. You'll be hooked . . .