An Alien Robot's Cookbook – a kid's cookbook by Ru Kunkel

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Learn to Cook & Learn About the Universe at the Same Time!

Deborah Madison, author of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone and Local Flavors said: "What a goofy, fun and ultimately usable book – both for kids and adults. I mean, who can resist “Pigs in Spaceships” or "Realistic Corn Fritters?" I loved reading 'An Alien Robot's Cookbook.' It made me smile. I imagine anyone could cook from it and have real food, and the drawings are out of this world!"

Alien Cooking Robot 4U82 accidentally landed in Frederick’s backyard. During his stay on Earth, 4U82 taught Frederick how to cook 95 delicious recipes and shared eye-opening, jaw-dropping facts about astronomy, robotics, and the Universe. An Alien Robot's Cookbook features quick, easy recipes for kids and adults, from “Big Bang Breakfast Potatoes” to “Energizing Horchata” – And a panel of picky eaters taste-tested them all! This kids cookbook will delight dormant astronomers, curious readers, and emerging cooks.

Ask yourself: Is a robe is a good or bad garment to cook in? Do you know how to start a compost pile? Do you know what “magnetosphere” and “mis-en-place” mean? Who is Philip K. Dick? You will find the answers to these questions and many more in An Alien Robot's Cookbook. Our studies indicate that your brain will expand exponentially when you read this far-out cookbook.