Breaking Out: Part II - a paranormal romance by Michelle Diener

Breaking Out: Part II is the sequel to a short story originally published in two anthologies as Breaking Out, but which has now been retitled Breaking Out: Part I. At the time I wrote Breaking Out (Part I), specifically for a charity anthology benefitting cancer research, I had only written historical fiction and fantasy, and paranormal romance was a new foray for me. The overwhelming response I got to Breaking Out from readers was the impetus I needed to experiment with other genres, and I've gone on to write science fiction.

Breaking Out: Part II is dedicated to all the readers who emailed me or contacted me through twitter and Facebook saying they loved Breaking Out: Part I, and asked if I could write more about the main characters, Kelli, Nate and Giles. It motivated me to steal an hour here and an hour there while I was working under deadline for other projects to write Part II.  And I think those readers will be happy to hear Breaking Out: Part II double the length of Breaking Out: Part I.

Thank you for loving my characters as much as I do.

About Breaking Out: Part II

Kelli, Nate and Giles know what it is to be imprisoned. They spent years locked away in a secret research lab. But now they're free, and they stole something important just before they escaped – a list of others like themselves, sent to other facilities for further experimentation.

Their plan? To break out every single one.

Nina Calvados has been in a new facility for four months. She's kept a low profile, been careful to be cooperative and helpful. And so far, she's been mostly left alone. So when two other inmates appeal to her for help, her heart may want to oblige but her head is screaming walk away.

Only, something bad is going down, and Nina realizes she's been fooling herself. No one's bought her low profile act. And if she's going to crash, she might as well crash hard. After all, it's not as if anyone's coming for her, is it?

Breaking Out: Part II is a novella of 21,000 words and has not previously been released in any anthology. This is the first time it will be available for sale to readers.