Breaking Out: Part I - a paranormal romance by Michelle Diener

Breaking Out: Part I started life as a short story entitled Breaking Out, which I wrote for inclusion in the ENTANGLED Anthology, a box set of short stories and novellas for which all proceeds went to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I’m proud to say we raised over $12,000 for the BCRF with ENTANGLED.

After the anthology was taken down from sale, I was asked if I would include Breaking Out in the ENTRANCED box set, and it was great to have the story out again, although that anthology, too, is no longer available for sale.

I’m really happy to make Breaking Out: Part I available for sale at last outside of an anthology, and the impetus for it was the many readers of both anthologies who contacted me saying how much they loved it, and would I write more?

I did :)

About Breaking Out: Part I

Kelli Barrack has spent the last three years imprisoned in Dr. Greenway's facility plotting her escape, but when her chance comes one Halloween evening, it's in a way she never expected.
Nate Halliway is being removed from the facility, but he refuses to go without his special forces team-mate, Giles. When his resistance lands him in Kelli's cell, they both get a chance for freedom, a chance they take with both hands.

But as Giles, Nate and Kelli fight their way out, Kelli discovers that the most insidious danger to her freedom might lie within her, rather than in the small army out to stop them.
Breaking Out: Part I is an 11,000 word short story.