Forest Park: A Very Short Story by Keith Monaghan

#3 on Amazon's 15-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads (July 15, 2015) 

"Mr. Monaghan keeps you on the edge of a sharp claw until the last word. One hundred percent fun." — Jerry C. 

"Loved it. Great imagery and very "twin peaks "ish" style. A Sequel is needed!" — Mike C. 

“Did not expect that ending! It really left me wanting more!” — Eve D. 

Choices are made, gruesome truths are revealed, and lives are turned upside down when Portland's biggest basketball star is found dead in Forest Park.

"The body of the best basketball player our city had ever seen lay in ankle-high grass on a hill overlooking the zoo. His suit, soaked blood-black, hung in shreds. What a shame, you rarely saw craftsmanship like that anymore." 

This atmospheric and foreboding short story takes an unexpected turn when the true nature of the crime comes to light.