Frat Party: Sisters In Law by John Ellsworth

7/18 to 7/25 discounted 2.99 to .99

A university fraternity has a toga party and nude photographs of one young partygoer suddenly emerge worldwide on the Internet. The girl believes she was assaulted while unconscious and her father seeks legal help for her. He is also the District Attorney and is conflicted out of the prosecution so he appoints attorney Christine Susmann to investigate and prosecute. A courtroom drama unfolds as all boys deny all wrongdoing.

The fraternity boys fire back. A murder occurs and Christine is devastated. Then a second and third murder occur and she suddenly finds herself defending the original toga party victim.

Join Christine in her legal thriller series spinoff from the popular Thaddeus Murfee series by author John Ellsworth.

About the Author

John Ellsworth was a practicing attorney who defended white collar crimes and criminal investigations and prosecutions by the federal government.  Tax crimes were a specialty and John appeared in court on these cases and in the audit pre-indictment stages nationwide.  For many years John defended criminal cases of the usual flavor too, from shoplifting to first degree murder.   He has been lead counsel on death penalty cases and has never lost a client to the execution chamber.

Today John believes in self-publication.  "I wrote a script for a Hollywood movie and it bounced around the studios for three years while other people talked and discussed and opined.  After three years there was still no movie, so I decided to start writing nothing but novels and to self-publish so there would be no middlemen between my writing and my readers."  The first book, a legal thriller titled The Defendants was first up to the plate.  Now John has published several more legal thrillers:

1. The Defendants
2. Beyond a Reasonable Death
3. Attorney at Large
4. Chase, the Bad Baby
5. Defending Turquoise
6. The Mental Case
7. Unspeakable Prayers
8. The Girl Who Wrote the New York Times Bestseller
9. I, Lawyer: Frat Party (Christine Susmann Book 1)

John writes for your enjoyment.  "More than anything, I love to read a review of one of my books where someone has had a good experience because of something I created out of thin air.