Sacmis, an erotic sci-fi thriller from Adriana Nicolas

Four women - a lawyer, an athlete, a teacher and a soldier - are abducted by four alien men. The aliens, far from being bug-eyed monsters, share 90% human DNA.

They set out to win the women over and, despite the circumstances, the women are fascinated by their captors. They also discover that the men have the ability to 'connect' in a way the women have never experienced. A heightened awareness that allows both male and female to merge identities and truly experience what the other is feeling - in every way!

The women also bond with each other, becoming a formidable - and sometimes very funny - team.

But there is a major threat to the four of them and indeed other women on Earth. Factions on the aliens' homeworld of Sacmis are determined to take women as slaves and use them for breeding purposes to restore the planet's imbalance between the sexes...

NB: An even better summary is my first and unsolicited 5-star review: "What a fabulous read. I really loved it. So glad I bought it, don't be put off by the aliens, this is a great story about four modern women."