Serve and Protect - a Christian fiction novel by Luella Rose

Thirty three year old Claude Peterson always felt called to a life of service, but his faith had not proven strong enough to carry him through seminary all the way to the priesthood right out of high school, and two failed marriages in his short six year military career told him that he didn’t have what it took to balance family and military life. Now in the third year of a rewarding career as a police officer and in the fourth year of a marriage he thought only existed in fairy tales, Claude thought he had finally found what he was called to do. But when tragedy strikes, threatening Claude’s ability to continue in that calling, will his faithful and steadfast wife, Jane have the courage to keep her family moving in the right direction? In the midst of this tragedy is it God’s will for the Peterson’s to have another child to pull them through or continue to suffer heartbreaking loss?

Serve and Protect explores the challenges of identifying and following God’s plan for our lives by taking a journey with the Peterson family as they struggle to maintain their relationship with God through trials, heartbreaks, and challenges. We take an honest and raw look inside Claude and Jane Peterson’s thoughts and feelings toward God when they are experiencing fear, tragedy, and even joy. We watch their relationship with their heavenly father grow and experience how the various stages of their relationship with God impacts their relationship with each other.