The Raptors Of Redwood: The Earth-Watchers Series Book#1 - Children's Adventure by Lester Ferguson

In a quaint Pacific Northwest town nestled among a forest of huge & majestic redwood trees, a young artist, photographer, and bird-watcher named: Warrick explores the wonders of nature daily. Warrick loves to take pictures of colorful small birds, & then he illustrates them with delightful water-colors, making the birds into human-like  characters to tell fun stories to his two children, & to the children in the town.

    However, as time passed in Redwood, (which was the name of the town as well) Warrick started taking note of other birds, far more bigger & stronger than his usual friends, these birds were "raptors" better known as: Birds of prey.  The raptors were menacing looking to the town folks of Redwood, the birds had a bad reputation, probably spawned unfairly by people like Farmer Johnson- who hated a neighboring red-tail hawk because of a simple misunderstanding. To Warrick though, the raptors were beautiful misunderstood animals, they became his friends, & he became their friend, so Warrick wanted his fellow town folk learn about these wondrous birds.

   But during one late autumn, the town of Redwood, & its neighboring towns,experienced a large & frightening winter storm that blanketed the towns with snow for days; leaving all of the good town folks wondering what caused such a tempest? Times were changing for Redwood, especially when a mysterious white foreign owl showed up in the humble town- making everyone who was fortunate to witness him very curious. Join Warrick as he goes on an adventure to find this mysterious white owl, but unknowingly, this journey will change Warrick's life forever!