An Ordinary Life - Women's General Fiction by Karen Smith

Meg was a meek and amiable girl of good parentage, creative and intuitive to an outstanding level for a child of her years.  Unaware of her own strengths and abilities with very little control over her personal choices - was her life a consequence of this?

Becoming a mother for the first time was a turning point. Giving birth prematurely brought many emotional challenges together with false hopes of making up for what was lost.  Meg coveted her family and friends, keeping her unhappiness a secret. Whilst outwardly creating the illusion of contentment, beneath the surface she was like a freak tide, ebbing and flowing with no momentum. She struggled to find independence until one particular day when she made the leap, setting out on a journey with no plan or purpose.  It was from this point on that her life would be changed forever.

From being loveless and emotionally baron, Meg was thrown headlong into an intense and fascinating love affair from an unlikely situation far and beyond the confines of an ordinary life scenario. Knowing how much this would change her life, she began retreating, but remained hungry for more, not knowing if this was the love she desperately craved and would there be a price to pay for a gilded shot at happiness.

This was good learning, but would only realize this with time and although life events denote the conclusion of this story, the learning continues, enabling her to move forward and build a life on real possibility.

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