Attitude Reflects Leadership - a leadership guide by Leo Hamblin

Attitude Reflects Leadership is an honest glimpse into what it takes to be an exceptional leader. People naturally follow the attitude of their leader. Whatever attitude, behavior or belief you want your employees to have, you must lead with it first. This book contains powerful and useful information to those who are searching for what it takes to become an extraordinary leader.

Many leaders today create replaceable, unhappy employees because of their self-defeating attitudes and delusional perspectives. Terrible management and bad bosses are the reason 71% of employees in the workforce today are unhappy with their jobs. This is unacceptable!

Attitude Reflects Leadership provides compelling perspectives for those courageous enough to make a change and take a stand against the tyranny of poor leadership.

Brilliant, simple and captivating, Attitude Reflects Leadership will empower and inspire everyone who reads it.

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