BLACK FALLS - a suspenseful romance by J. Waters

He's not the millionaire. She is.

In the past, she was a gold digger who lost her husband the same way she got him.  Now, she’s looking for love.

In BLACK FALLS, Elsa Brandt is a sexy twenty-nine year old bartender in small-town, Kentucky, escaping her former life as a socialite wife in Chicago with a penchant for rich, older men.  She is hiding her very large divorce settlement from all of the people in her new life; she just wants to start over and be accepted in a small town where outsiders are rarely welcome.

She meets forty year old Ethan Taylor and is immediately intrigued with the handsome stranger, despite the fact that he is a simple man and not a wealthy CEO; he was rugged and attractive and she immediately sensed that he was the only person in town who was like her.  Despite it being love at first sight for Ethan, he refuses to open up, which gets her thinking, What is he hiding?  Elsa is still hiding her money from Ethan as they begin to fall in love, but in the shocking ending, she discovers his demons that he was trying to shelter her from all along.  The story isn’t just about their intense relationship, but about what people will do for the ones they love.

BLACK FALLS is a suspenseful contemporary romance, the first book in the INFINITY TRILOGY.

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