Equi Knocks of Karma - a paranomal mystery by Jada Ryker

FREE August 7 – August 11!


Add spice to your summer reading with this mystery full of fun, paranormal happenings, and adventures.

Celeste is scouring the city for mysteriously missing people. One is a small girl. Despite her party-girl mother’s disinterest, Celeste follows clues to the child. The other is her boyfriend. Mesmerized by her rival firm’s charismatic head, Hobart dropped out of her life. Now, Celeste feels an obligation to find him. She’s not sure if she’ll bawl him out for vanishing or kiss him in relief.

During her investigation, Celeste is joined by a motley crew. Ericka, her friend and business partner, relies on ancient rituals rather than modern-day technology. An odd little dog attaches himself to Celeste. Strangely attuned to her, he uses his teeth, claws, and smell for protection against enemies. An annoying receptionist intent on pushing Celeste’s buttons may be the next missing person. And a devilishly handsome stranger makes Celeste less eager to find her boyfriend.

When Celeste stumbles over a body, she realizes she’ll have to solve the mystery before she and her friends get added to the killer’s body count.

SPECIAL BONUS: As a reader appreciation gift, “Winner Takes All” short story is included FREE at the end of the book.

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