Frade Killed Ellen - literary suspense from Alex Kudera

New fiction from award-winning Alex Kudera: Roger Frade is a famous writer who freely sends mixed signals to vulnerable women like Ellen Malone. Ellen's friend Alan hates Frade and wants his Ellen to get her act together even as he struggles on his own at work and romance. “Frade Killed Ellen” is a touching, funny story about survival in twenty-first century America and the corrosive effects of other people’s success.

Alex Kudera's debut novel, Fight for Your Long Day, won the 2011 Independent Publisher's Gold Medal for Best Fiction from the Mid-Atlantic Region. It is an academic tragicomedy told from the perspective of an adjunct instructor, and reviews and interviews can be found online at Psychology Today, Inside Higher Ed, Academe, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Southeast Review, and other locations. Kudera's The Betrayal of Times of Peace and Prosperity is free wherever e-books are downloaded, and his second adjunct novel, Auggie's Revenge, is due from Beating Windward Press in December, 2015. When he's not writing, he teaches, frets, walks, reads, and helps raise a child.

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