Murder Takes a Dare - a mystery by Jada Ryker

Marisa Adair is shocked when her unscrupulous friend Jonah is murdered just after he bursts into her office to give her information of life and death importance. She investigates the brutal murder while she guards her secrets of childhood deprivation and adulthood struggles with addiction as zealously as a bag lady protects scavenged treasures.

Gyrating with the mad desperation of an aging stripper with an adult entertainment mogul at her stage, the twisted trail to the murderer is littered by the subsequent executions of an exotic Goth Girl dancer with a taste for black lipstick and blackmail and two eyewitnesses who attempted their own blackmail with fatal results.

After Marisa inadvertently causes a riot at an amateur wrestling match with her sexy alter ego, she joins forces with Russell, who may not be the dithering nonentity he seems, and Alex, chief financial officer and chief pain in Marisa’s…neck.

Parallel to Marisa’s investigation, Althea, combat ready after decades of teaching elementary school; Clay, as handsome as he is mysterious; and Esther, reckless grandmother of the murdered dancer, hurl themselves into the investigative melee.

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