Gloves Off - contemporary romance novella by Olivia Mercer

Gloves Off: Megan  Hampton’s life is just how she wants it, well, except for a significant other, but she’s keeping herself too busy to stop to think about that. Megan’s life is full with her professional dog walking business. Her clients and their owners both adore her! She loves her business but is also saving up to open her own dog grooming business – so she’s keeping her expenses to a bare minimum, living in a nice but very frugal apartment in the Jamestown Arms apartment complex. But the day she literally bumps into “Mr. Muscles” – as she refers to him to herself when she sees him – her steady, quiet life changes. N not only her life, but Steele Cage’s life, too. She learns he’s wounded and recovering, a former boxer, who was knocked out from the ring, permanently, and is looking for a new career and new goals.

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