Slightly Bruised and a Little Broken - A memoir by Petite Breaux

The book tells the story of a young girl and everything she encountered from childhood into adulthood. It speaks of domestic violence, molestation, rape, family, friends, motherhood, and failed relationships. This book tells stories that others may be afraid or embarrassed to tell. This story comes in the mind of Shattered Dreams Meets a Cry for Help.

Petite Breaux was raised by her mother an only child. She became a mother at the age of sixteen and had to make grown decisions early in life. She provided for her family the best she could, most times going without. In and out of failed relationships/ marriages, she struggled with trust issues. She worked numerous temporary jobs to keep a steady income. Tired of the struggle, she decided to go back to school at the age of forty-two. She achieved her master’s degree in business administration in 2009. With all her children grown and out of the home, she now lives alone. Petite is an ordinary woman who loves to travel and wants to live a peaceful, quiet, and simple life. Petite is very much into movie watching and book reading—she finds these two hobbies very relaxing. She likes to read while sitting in a sauna, if she can find one. She is also a grandmother of three. She is passionate about her family and doesn’t mind helping others. Petite has a determination to continue moving forward and making life better. As far as moving again, she’s not sure what’s in her future. Her goal is to find somewhere she can settle down and call home when it’s time to retire.