The Old Way Of Winter - Epic Fantasy Novel by Michael P Goodwin

A tale, or way, of winter taking the reader on a wild journey through snow bound lands where danger resides at every turn and an epic adventure awaits.

Kérbholán Néit is running for his life. The political aspirations of House Kérbholán have turned his family’s fortunes from wealth and prosperity to ruin and death. Outmaneuvered by their enemies and disavowed by their allies, the Purge of the House Kérbholán line from the Ninety Nine Names of the Assembly was swift, brutal and almost without exclusion.

However, when the bodies were counted and the spoils divided, only two articles of note were missing: Néit and the ancestral sword of the Kérbholán clan. With his only remaining ally, a young Nimedian servant of the House as companion, he flees the ancient walls of Ys the very night of the Purge and plunges into the winter-clad wilds, sword in hand.

But far greater powers than those that hunt them have laid plans; made their own choices, and long, long ago, set strategies in motion. Now those strategies are coming to fruition; the pieces on the board are being moved into place, and the last few hands dealt. And yet, a few wild cards remain in the deck and new players may come to the few empty places at the table, their influence unfelt until they play.