Anything for Amelia, a memoir by Andrew Branham

Anything for Amelia, by Andrew Branham is a gripping, page-turning memoir about what industry experts called, "The most difficult adoption in U.S. history." Andrew and his partner had always wanted to adopt a baby and they were thrilled when they were matched with Sandi as their birth mother. As they began to bond with Sandi and her family, they soon realized that she was not the person that was portrayed by the adoption agency.

For the next 206 days, Andrew and his partner were tormented, abused and manipulated by Sandi who was a life-long adoption 'baby seller'. In addition, they had to watch as she physically and mentally abused her own children as well as her boyfriend. Despite Sandi's continuous drama and manipulation, Andrew and his partner were determined to see their adoption through and save their unborn child. To do so, they would literally have to do, "anything for Amelia." The story will take you on an emotional roller-coaster that will have you rethink the adoption process in America.

Anything for Amelia is the first adoption memoir that explores the dark side of adoption and "adoption as a business." It is a story that you will never forget and will illustrate just how far one couple will go to have the baby of their dreams.

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