Dead Nolte by Borne Wilder

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You've never read fiction like this before, it will keep you laughing until the last page.

One of the most rotten humans ever born has found a way to live forever. Nolte discovers the secret to eternal life by way of a loophole in one of the original ‘thirty pieces of silver,’ all he has to do is die, but now that he’s finally dead, everyone wants him to stay that way. However, Nolte has other plans, but in order to make the spell work, he has to cheat a Canaanite god, rip off Satan, elude a Special Ops team of Archangels, get his key to eternity back from his thieving sons and stave off the End of Days. The good news is; he has three whole days to get it done.

A lifetime of bad choices, perversion and debauchery had put Nolte on the highway to Hell. With an eternity afloat on the Lake of Fire, an absolute certainty in his future, Nolte was obliged to either stay alive or buy fire insurance. Of course, Nolte knows no one lives forever, he's all but resigned himself to his fate, but during a drunken brothel visit in New Orleans, he stumbles across a witch, who changed his mind.

She sells him a spell, which will link Heaven and Hell to the dimension of Time, allowing him to rise from the dead. After that, things start looking up.

In life, he ruined everyone’s lives, now he’s making lives miserable for demons and angels. Nolte is hated in every dimension

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