That Girl - A New Adult Contemporary Romance by Johanna Lemon

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Cam Walker: Writer, Peace Corps Volunteer and one hell of an Opportunist.

On vacation from her service, Cam’s daydreams collide with reality when she happens upon Milo Stringer, the stranded lead singer of her favorite punk band, Initial Position. Determined to delve into a vacation fantasy the likes of which she’ll never forget, Cam offers Milo a trade. She’ll get him where he needs to go in exchange for a night in his bed.

Milo Stringer: Singer, Songwriter, Former Addict and hard core Realist

Milo doesn’t expect Cam to blow much more than his head below the waist, but one night with her and he’s hooked. He figured her for a groupie, but her insights into his music, life and art blindside him, until Milo begins to suspect that Cam might just be the muse he’s been looking for all along.

Together they’re combustible.

But a vacation fantasy is just a fantasy right? Cam doesn’t want anything more and Milo has the band to worry about, but with each day that passes, both begin to wonder, could this turn into something more?

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