A Family Apart: Sleuthing the Mysteries of Abandonment, Adoption, and DNA - A Memoir by Craig A. Steffen


A Family Apart is the author’s story from childhood abandonment, through the challenges of an orphanage and adoption, to the transcendence of adult successes and, finally, the quest to discover the mysteries of family origin in a world of sealed adoptions.

Along the way, the author uncovers details of abuse, murder, injustice and a host of tragedy with a thread of redemption running throughout.

From Kirkus Book Reviews:

"Readers learn the truth bit by bit, just as the author did, and his personal growth is just as important as the facts he uncovers. Steffen’s descriptions are sharply drawn, particularly of the rural communities he visited during his search: “A first run of American Graffiti or Rocky or Star Wars seemed entirely plausible,” he writes. He also offers insights into his own character (“I have the right to remain silent, but I don’t have the ability”) that will gain readers’ sympathies as he unveils his past and embraces his present.
A compelling story about the author’s biological and adoptive families and how they shaped his sense of self."