Positively Perfect: How to Love and Utilize Your Perfectionist Qualities by Claudia Svartefoss

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Are you a perfectionist?

Do you ever feel like perfectionism is holding you back? This book shows you how to turn your perfectionist qualities into assets to create and enjoy a life you love. Stop procrastinating! Start being an awesome perfectionist now!

"This book does for Perfectionists what Susan Cain's Quiet did for Introverts. Highly recommended." -Kevin Kruse, Founder, The Kruse Group, NY Times Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Expert, Serial Entrepreneur

About the Author

Bestselling author Claudia Svartefoss is a happy, accomplished perfectionist. Even though perfectionism is considered an undesirable flaw, Claudia has found a way to turn her it into an asset. She runs her own business, writes self-development books and coaches her clients toward their success and achieving their goals.

Her passion is sharing her knowledge and experience with others and inspiring improvement, self-love, and love for this amazing environment we all live in. She aims to assist her readers in developing an abundance and well-being based mindset in order to achieve their goals while enjoying themselves and their journey.