A Spirit In Motion - Religion & Spirituality by Aaron J. Schieding


While there are thousands of books which cover a single religion or spiritual topic, A Spirit In Motion serves as today’s starting point for understanding worldwide views of the spirit, soul and afterlife. This all-encompassing book by Aaron J. Schieding addresses many of the great questions asked by people of every generation: What is the inner spark of life? Do we live more than once? Is there an afterlife?

A Spirit In Motion features exclusive interviews with experts in the six largest religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity; get the inside story on the spiritual and afterlife beliefs of these faiths through academics and religious leaders from three different continents. Find out what they have in common and what they don’t. Discover earlier influences on modern faiths from civilizations from antiquity.

Follow Aaron J. Schieding’s quest for spiritual knowledge as he delves into views from the medical and scientific communities, as well as the world of art, film, music, paranormal research, and emerging technology. Read about those who report previous lives. Learn about varying views on the place of the spirit in the martial arts through the stories of well-known figures, as well as an original interview with two martial arts masters. Finally, become versed in the apparent connection between psychedelics, the brain, the divine and the spiritual, by way of an exclusive interview with a medical doctor.