Delivering Virtue - humorous literary fiction by Brian Kindall

It’s 1854 and Didier Rain doesn’t want to be a rogue. He prefers to think of himself as a gentleman poet. And yet every time Rain finds himself in questionable circumstances, some animal instinct leads him into wrongful behavior. Maybe it’s his Oedipal upbringing that’s to blame. Or maybe he’s just never found a good moral example that hasn’t let him down.

But now Rain has to put away all of his failings because The Church of the Restructured Truth has hired him to fulfill a prophecy – Didier Rain is to venture into the American Wilderness and deliver a bride into the waiting arms of the Prophet Nehi. It won’t be easy, what with all the hooligans, natural phenomena, and carnal temptations between here and there. Not to mention that Virtue – the would-be bride – is at present no more than a babe. But maybe the invisible gods will lend Rain a hand in the endeavor. Maybe Virtue is as much of an angel as she appears. And maybe, by epic journey’s end, Didier Rain will overcome the odds, experience a miracle, and find a way to secure his own dubious salvation.

At once ribald, irreverent, and charming, DELIVERING VIRTUE features one of the most despicable and endearing characters ever to gallivant through the pages of American Literature. Join Didier Rain on his escapades as he navigates that precarious line between the sacred and the profane, all the while protecting Virtue from the legions of evil that would seek to do her harm.
Awarded the Awesome Indies Seal of Excellence!