A-Wolf - a young adult science fiction/superhero adventure by Ben Lees


Meteorites have rained from the sky.  Major world cities are in chaos.  Thousands are dead.  A sinister force is attempting to blackmail the world.

Scenes of destruction are all across the world’s media and yet it still all seems a world away from young Alex Wolfe quietly enjoying his summer holidays.  That is until a bizarre and unexpected event sweeps him up and drops him right into the centre of events.

Suddenly transported from his home in the country Alex finds himself plunged into the heart of a massive secret that is now endangering the entire world.  Sinister “Approximations” stalk the streets of a chaotic New York and all Alex has to help him are a girl called Star and her secretive friends, including the mysterious and unseen “Blue”.  Oh, and a suit packed with super-advanced alien technology – if Alex can only work out how to use it in time for it to help save his life...

From Scotland to New York and far, far beyond, A-Wolf is an action-adventure story about one boy and a day that will change his life forever.  From skyscraper battles to lunch at the bottom of the East River, it’s going to be a wild ride!