Old Growth & Ivy - a Romantic Suspense Novel by Jayne Menard

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Join veteran FBI agent Steve Nielsen as he pursues the alluring Ivy Littleton and solves his final cases.

FBI agent extraordinaire, Steve Nielsen, begins his journey to expand beyond his dedication to his career and become the fuller man he desires to be. He has never left a case unsolved and never missed bringing the perpetrators to justice. He is tough and his standards are high, although even after over 35 years with the Bureau he maintains an aura of idealism that has earned him the moniker of "the boy scout." In the last five years, he has taken himself from an empty man with only his career to ready for the journey he has sought, prepared for and dreamed of.

Working on what are to become his last cases -- a child prostitution ring and a drug trafficking enterprise -- he meets the alluring career executive, Ivy Littleton while seeking leads on money laundering transactions. While they get started in a confrontational manner, Ivy quickly realizes that even though Steve may be brash and demanding, his goals are to be admired. As their lives come together, Ivy witnesses the danger and challenges of Steve's world and becomes drawn into helping him and his team of three dedicated agents to chase down the perps, finding herself and Steve in deadly situations.