Chaos: The Oracle - a historical fiction by Cyndie Shaffstall

At the feet of Pythia, the greatest Oracle in all of Greece, Zeus places an infant destined to become his Oracle and deliver his prophecies. This is the story of Chaos--from which all else came. A story of Titans and Olympians, and the many times they acted against their creations: man, woman, and beast. Is their meddling that of supreme creators--or someone, something, else--as the scholars of Akademia would have the Oracle believe?

Alexander’s Request

In 334 BCE, Alexander the Great calls upon Hephaestion, his trusted childhood friend, to escort the young Oracle to Pella so she can issue Zeus’s prophecies about the invasion of Persia.

Crossing Greece and then Asia, the Oracle hears theories from philosophers and scholars who suggest the gods--her gods--were mere mortals made more fantastic with each generation’s telling of their deeds.

The voice of Zeus dims with the impious assertions, and she struggles to continue to hear his prophecies as requested by the Macedonian king. The teachings of her mentor and friend, Pythia, are challenged and maintaining her faith becomes more difficult in the devastating wake of Alexander’s conquests.

The Wonders of Ancient Greece

A complex tapestry woven of overlapping stories from Greek mythology, Greek history, and the conquests of Alexander the Great; Chaos richly illustrates and breathes life into the ancient world.

Chaos: The Oracle is the fourth book in The Delegate series, a collection of independent novels written in first-person narrative by Cyndie Shaffstall, best selling author of Willows: The Creole. Each book of The Delegate series reads as though you've come across someone's journal. While you read, the saga envelopes you, and it becomes your journal, and your story, as you are transported through time.