Shadows of Fire - a historical romance by Jeroni Alsina

World War II didn’t start in 1941, as many Americans wrongly believe, or even in 1939, when the war officially broke out. The philosophic seeds that eventually provoked the war were planted much earlier.

Even in the early 1930s, Samuel Klein could see the impending danger the Nazi philosophy held for the Jews. To secure his freedom—and his life—Samuel fled Germany and joined MI6 to fight fascism.

A compelling work of historical fiction that follows the Klein family from the 1930s through the 1960s, Shadows of Fire offers a fascinating view of the ideological madness that overran Europe and led to WWII, as well as insight into the philosophies and medical advancements that occurred during the decades following the war.

Illuminating the political intricacies of the Spanish Civil War and WWII, and narrating the first organ transplants in Spain and France during the 1960s, the story expertly weaves historic figures such as Freud, Josep Rovira, Jaume Alsina, Jacques Derrida, and Jean Dupuy into the lives of the fictional Klein family.

A story of family, romance, and human failings as well as human achievements, Shadows of Fire sheds a new light on twentieth-century history that you won’t soon forget.