Chuck Bobcat's Adventure List – a children's picture book by C.A. Guthrie

A story about following dreams, setting goals, and taking action to make dreams come true.

When Chuck Bobcat realized he was spending all of his time watching other people follow their dreams, he decided to do something to change it. Chuck wrote a list of a lot of the things that he wanted to do, and called it his “Adventure List”. Some goals on the list were big, and some were smaller goals, but he was determined to accomplish them all.

Chuck Bobcat and his two best friends, Loop Rabbit and Dooley Bear set out to do everything on the list. He visited the penguins in Antarctica, took a helicopter ride, hiked the Grand Canyon, entered a bicycle race for charity, and floated in a hot air balloon, just to name a few.

Children love the bright, colorful images and characters in this ebook. They really like the character called Bomba Deer that appears to “photo-bomb” many of the scenes with a huge, toothy grin.

They will follow along with Chuck as he learns the importance of following his dreams and taking action. He also notices the importance of the small things in life as well as his friends.

This little picture ebook is a short, easy read with a little less than 1000 words on 19 wide pages, so it won't be hard to read through before bed or anytime.