Movie Star - a thriller by Iain McLaughlin

Set in Los Angeles during a heatwave, Movie Star is a dark noir following the investigation into the murder and mutilation of a porn star. She came to LA to be an actress. Instead she’s the case that could wind up destroying Detective Jim Munro’s career. His attraction to Alexa, the victim’s closest friend, could wind up costing him his life.

I have always enjoyed noir as a reader and writing this novel was one of the most satisfying experiences of my career. It’s a genre which lets the writer really dig into the darker and more fascinating aspects of human nature. That darkness offers a satisfying backdrop for the brighter hints of our nature. It’s a wonderful genre to write in, letting a writer tell a story with immediacy and real emotional depth as well as fitting in a solid thriller.

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Graphic yet emotional

Some very graphic scenes, but seen through the eyes of a cop who still has a soft centre, authentic emotions and a strong sense of right and wrong run through this gripping novella. The characters - good, repellent and those somewhere in between - are brought vividly to life and there are some clever touches, like the clue from the soundless film clip! The conclusion came as quite a surprise, too. Would be interested to read more by this author.