EMBEDDED - Fictional Treasure Hunt by Stan Peters


I had written this tale as a screenplay years ago that received mild attention from the power brokers – but eventually they backed away. Fine. So last October I resurrected myself, and the story and set out to turn EMBEDDED into a novel––always believing that by marrying the 17th century to the 21st had to attract the curious. Of course, I threw in enough historical data to make it the most improbable treasure hunt ever. Here is the briefest of brief peeks I can offer you:

Within an hour, Chase calls Gus to meet at their regular watering hole, the Crow’s Rest, where he can report his findings. There they set the wheels in motion to locate and excavate the embedded vessel. A 70-year-old woman who happens in for refreshment was seated in the next booth and overhears the plan. At that point, the story picks up the speed and improbability the likes of a wild rollercoaster ride that includes Doctors, Lawyers and Indians. Among the passengers on this daredevil ride are: the community of international thievery; FBI and Interpol surveillance; NYPD Scuba Unit and City Hall; and the effervescent media in their helicopters, buzzing above the waters while dealing with rocket fire. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s an array of lovable characters who join in the fleshing out of this entertaining journey that will tug and pull readers through chapters of disheartenment, then carry them into a second phase of a surprising unearthing.

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