Greenland Tower xoxo - novel by Farrell Hamann

An adorable light, funny book about kissing,  set in the Mojave desert, Paris, France, Manhattan, and ritzy Southampton, NY (the Hamptons on Long Island.) Calvin, a prospector and mining engineer in the Mojave goes to Southampton to recover from a nasty bump on the head and tangles up with Missy and Finvola (Princess). The woman and Dr. Boris think it is unsafe for Calvin to engage in kissing, hugs, or sex due to his injury from a 6 1/2 troy oz gold nugget .991 fine and this drives much of the story,

Missy owns two huge, athletic STOL (short take off/land cargo aircraft which she uses for covert humanitarian rescue ops and loves aviation. Finvola is a snacker and there is much French pastry in the book. Missy's pretend husband, Bill, a Wall Street tycoon, is gay but bashful and there is a ridiculous religious, coming out bashful ceremony performed for the benefit of Bill's homophobic mother at her palace in Rye, NY. Californa Cal's friend, Bobcat wife's, church may be wacky but to them, homophobia is a sin and angers her gods. When the god's are angry, Bobcat's wife must appease them by destroying Bobcat's things.

Calvin is an open, honest, and charmingly direct young man who ends up saving Manhattan and Northern New Jersey with the help of his loves, Missy and Finvola. There is a strong element of magical realism and Missy suspects that Calvin is a Jinn or desert spirit made of smokeless fire while she and Finvola are made from clay. Calvin also becomes the golden haired boy of Haute couture worldwide and the prospectors do odd things to Calvin in the desert but without malice.

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