Holy Spirit Baptism (Sister Grace Book 1) by Georgina Mensah-Brown


This book is a thought provoking book . It is written in a conversation type to  sister Grace , a Christian who does not have enough teaching  about  the Holy Spirit Baptism.

It is an apologetic that  explains and call for a second look at one particular gift of the Holy Spirit which many Christians have long forgotten.

The book brings  to mind what  many churches may have long neglected that aspect of the gift of the Holy Spirit.

If one has not tasted a food how can you judge the taste of the food by its colour or aroma? If one has not have an experience how do one passionately speak about it?

We probably may have taken from theologians from seminary lecturer's who equally had not had a personal experience of a peculiar gift of God.As a doctrinal point they sent the teachings to the churches and taught them as the truth of the matter without any quest for personal involvement and to have the experience.

The writer see many Christians having or going for  mostly dignified gifts more than the one that will not make them be seen as such.

Written in the simplest English as possible, the writer explains one unwanted gift of the Holy Spirit by many Christian gathering. She then challenges those who teaches the subject to have the experience and then teach about the gift.

Holy Spirit Baptism. according to the author , experience is the best teacher.

The author writes the part two and give her own testimony. Her story and her conviction. Other books answers some questions about the Holy Spirit Baptism.

Read this book and it will bring you new conviction about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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