Lei: A wreath for your soul by Somali K Chakrabarti

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The book ‘Lei’ is a series of short/ micro poems that are inspired by nature and reflect on life.

The word ‘lei’ refers to a garland or a wreath in Hawaiian language.In Hawaii, visitors, on arrival, are greeted with a warm ‘aloha’ and adorned with beautiful, fresh ‘lei’ as a symbol of affection. The word 'lei'also means flower in Manipuri language, which is spoken in Manipur, a state in north eastern India.

Each poem, in the book is like a fragrant flower, meant to celebrate life, generate positivism, soothe, inspire, nourish and rejuvenate the Soul.

The book is composed of four sections: Nature, Life, Inspiration and Illusion. Most of the short poems are written following the Japanese style of micro-poetry (a Haiku or a Tanka).

The poems are layered and imaginative, very short and simple to read, and yet convey a deeper meaning every time you read them.

Many of the poems draw a simile between a natural phenomenon and situations that we face in life. Some of these poems are inspirational in nature and some encourage introspection. Some of the poems evince an interest in the mind of the reader about a unique phenomenon, place or a cultural practice.

The book will help you recharge your mind and spirit.