AND WHEN - The first in a trilogy of Modern Day Romance by Wendiann

Reviews from Amazon readers:

 “And When by Wendiann really took me by surprise.  As soon as I read the description I knew this would be a book that I was going to enjoy, but I didn't realize how invested in it I was going to get.  Such a unique storyline that feels almost too real.  It drew me in and didn't let me go until the very last page.  This is a story of how the real world and the online world collide and become one.

 “What happens when life goes all ways but right?  When everything you loved so much in life is lost?  When you have no one to turn to and are all alone in the world?  "And When" happens.  This is an amazing novel.  Author Wendiann grabs your heart strings right at the opening and refuses to let go as you discover a life of love, loss, and overcoming illness.  It makes you really feel for Jade and her life story.  At times the tears ran down my cheeks as I connected so well. Her struggles are many and ones that anyone can relate to and surely will through the excellent writing style.  If you are fighting to overcome your own struggles or are simply looking for an excellent read, this is a book you need to pick up about love, loss, and everything in between.

 “Rich in detail and characterization this book will give you a good emotional ride for your money.  It is extremely believable and well written, which made me want to keep going and find out where this is all leading.  The path of true love never runs smooth they say and this is certainly the case for Jade and Brady, but as a reader I believed in them, right until the last page-Fantastic!”

 “What I loved most about this story was how it pulled you in emotionally.  You really felt for Jade and all she was going through.  You connected.  The author's writing really tapped into your emotions through this story.  I really enjoyed this book.  I can't wait to read the next.”

  “This is a love story like none other.  Jade Prency is as stubborn as she is tall and fiercely independent.  As life would have it, she experienced a series of events that threw her entire world into a spin.  You will get emotionally invested in this story and in Jade's life.  I laughed and cried with her and I cheered as she learned to live again and so will you.”

 “A most remarkable and amazing realistic modern day romance novel, filled with such emotions and truths laid bare by Jade, the feisty and strong lead character.  This novel is way bigger than the lovey-dovey romance that you would come to expect.  It takes you through the life of the average woman who goes through such tremendous events in her life while making testing and unusual relationships.  Wendiann really built a great character in Jade that I found very satisfying and heartfelt.  I love this book, read And When – no disappointments!”

  Stubborn independence is what her Canadian upbringing had taught her.  To hide insecurity behind laughter and a smart-mouth…that, she’d inherited.  After the divorce in her twenties, Jade Prency lived life on her terms, but the purchase of a home would mark the start of an unexpected, twisted journey.

  When her doctor discovers her first tumor, she stumbles.  Her hardships are nothing compared to the devastating news of her father’s diagnosis.  Watching her hero wither, everything she ever believed changes.  Lost in emotional turmoil, Jade withdraws from the world.

   Feeling separate and alone, she reaches to an online community for understanding.  Here she can hide her worn appearance safely behind a keyboard.

  Building friendships, careful to avoid the men’s flirtations, she allows one man to become her strength across the miles.  Her online family watch fascinated, as Brady Gibbs, the handsome American who held her hand through it all captures her heart.

  Ready for a future with the one man she believed would keep her safe, life throws one more unexpected twist.

  Online, where real becomes make-believe and make-believe becomes all too real.

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