SYNTH: Severed - New adult, magical realism by Z. Labuschagne & L.M. du Preez

How far would you be willing to go to make your dreams come true?

Poppy and Mila have been friends since second grade, but the separation of university has weakened their strong relationship. Clinging to the once indestructible friendship, Mila flies to Los Angeles to visit Poppy. But from Poppy’s edgy new look, to the peculiar location of their meeting—a nightclub in the heart of the city called Synth—it’s troublingly apparent that there’s something different about her best friend.

Poppy reveals she’s involved in a life-changing ritual and begs Mila to join. What Mila doesn’t realize is that she doesn’t have a choice. She’s being watched and Poppy has made promises that cannot be broken.

After an alcohol-fuelled argument Poppy is inexplicably called away, leaving Mila alone and abandoned in a strange city with no one to turn to… except for the owner of Synth. Reeve is young, stunning and entirely spellbinding, and assures Mila that he knows Poppy and will help find her. Stranded, Mila reluctantly accepts his generous assistance, but is completely blind to the truth: Reeve is head of the mysterious ritual.

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