The Interview: Law Firm Erotica Book I by Silk Jones

The Interview: Law Firm Erotica Book I is a spanking erotica short story about a legal secretary with no prior experience as a submissive (she’s not even sure that she is a submissive) who, out of curiosity, responds to an ad for a “submissive legal assistant” placed in a B.D.S.M. magazine.  She interviews with the managing partner and head Dom of the law firm who is used to dealing with experienced submissives.  She has no idea what to expect from the interview. What goes on in an interview for a “submissive legal assistant”? Will she complete the interview or lose her nerve and race out the door? Will she get the job? If so, what job duties is a “submissive legal assistant” expected to perform and will she able to handle them? This story is the first installment in the Law Firm Erotica series – a B.D.S.M. erotica series about a law firm with quite a bit taking place behind closed doors.  The remainder of the books in the series will be novel length.

Silk Jones is a novelist who writes romantic suspense novels under a pen name.  Although she has written erotic poetry and erotic short stories for years, The Interview: Law Firm Erotica Book I is the first erotica title she has published.

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