VOLUME: Becoming Faust - Paranormal Romance, Paranormal by J.R Sutton

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Wealth, fame, sex. Three different words but all share the same meaning, power. Bastian James Faust possesses all three in abundance. The City of Sin never sleeps, nor do the wicked, and a well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men. Journalist Atiana Halifax is about to discover this first hand when she steps into the sinful world of the famed mogul.

Present day. A veil of darkness has slowly begun to shadow out the world, and the age old battle of good versus evil has moved to a new playing field, Earth. The savage and the exiled that were forced into hiding by the light have started to emerge once more with the blanket of never ending night, to reclaim the Earth that once was theirs. All appears bleak and lost until the fate of the world is heavily and unexpectedly placed into the hands of a ballsy Las Vegas journalist named Atiana Halifax. Atiana embarks upon a visual journey that leads her into the sultry world, and tormented past of one of the richest most powerful men alive, Bastian James Faust, in hopes of finding the answer of how to stop the impending darkness. Can Atiana save the human race from genocide before it's too late, and save herself from being drawn into the mysterious, and sensual allure that is Bastian James?

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