Awakenings: a work of literary fiction by Greg Gaines

It's tough learning to live without God. It's even worse when nobody you know can relate to your struggle, let alone guide you through it.

That's what Thomas Giordano finds out when he loses his faith, and with it, his whole reason for being. What's more, his parents and devout brother Christian just can't make sense of the defiance and despondency they see in Thomas. Family tensions build until Thomas's secret is finally exposed, and when he confesses they find his lack of faith more than just disturbing.

As Thomas takes his first steps in a brave (and godless) new world, however, he discovers that he doesn't have to do it alone. New friendships reveal paths he never considered, and Thomas comes to see that the meaning of his life is revealed not through scripture or sermons, but through daring to live and learn.

Yet can Thomas somehow mend his family ties? And how will he ever come to terms with Christian, who's desperate to save his brother from the fate that awaits all sinners?

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