Sleeping With the Enemy - a erotic romance thriller by Alexis Adaire

”Sleeping With the Enemy” is about a woman whose life has grown incredibly boring and predictable, and who longs for something more. Be careful what you wish for, though! Anna Mercer is a CIA technician who wants a little excitement in her job and her love life. A fluke interaction with a potentially dangerous lover gets her noticed by the head of a secret division of the Agency, who recruits her to join his elite spy corps.

Anna is forced to learn to use her intelligence and her curvy body on missions to exotic locations where she employs sexual intimacy as a tool to gather valuable intelligence from dangerous targets. If that weren’t exciting enough, she comes into contact with fellow agent Ryan Demarco, as breathtakingly sexy as he is arrogant. Anna can't resist the urge to mix spy business with alpha-male pleasure. When her heart gets tangled up and things spin out of control, she’s forced to fight for love and decide what’s truly important in her life.

As an author, I enjoy writing about women who don’t have supermodel bodies, but rely on their brains and their willingness to go beyond what most women are capable of doing. Anna is a big girl who has never given in to the intense media pressure saying her size makes her unattractive. She’s smart and sexy and as daring as they come — until she meets the devastatingly handsome Agent Demarco and questions his motives as they begin to fall for one another.