Faceless Fear - A romantic paranormal suspense by Marla Josephs

Faceless Fear is book 5 in Marla Josephs Alexander Ranch series. And, it's available on pre-release for the introductory price of 0.99 cents! Get yours before the price goes up. Haven't met the Alexanders yet? Grab book 1 for free on Amazon.


Alyssa Wayne woke up with a start. She lay there holding her breath, listening intently to the quiet. After a tense moment, she let out her breath, relaxed, and was just about to turn over when she heard a soft scratching noise. The next sound she heard had her sitting straight up in bed. She was certain it was the click of the front door. She sat paralyzed with fear at the certainty that someone had just entered her apartment. She was equally certain that it wasn’t her roommate.