Loveyoubye - a memoir by Rossandra White

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Rossandra White's compelling memoir takes the reader from her childhood, early marriage, and motherhood in Zambia, to emigration to the United States at the age of 22. Her story reflects fierce and evolving cultures and the changing landscapes of women's roles from the turbulent apartheid era of the 1960s to the 21st Century and her newfound independence. This is a story about the power of choice in shaping a woman’s identity and forging a meaningful life.

The story opens when Rossandra White finds a cryptic, hastily-written note on the kitchen counter from her American husband. "Gone to Mexico, Adios."  He returns weeks later, offering few details about where he went. This sequence of events has played out before.  But this time is different. A subsequent confluence of crises rattles Rossandra’s core, shedding light on the dark elements of their marriage.

In South Africa, land of her birth, Rossandra’s brother, whose physical and mental disabilities have stricken her with a lifetime of guilt, needs her help, and she answers the call. She returns to California where her dog Sweetpea, who for years has served as a vital emotional link between Rossandra and her husband, has begun to succumb to a fatal illness.

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