Le Fleur du Jardin - historical romance by Lydia Scott


He vowed never to fall in love again. She vowed never to fall in love at all.

But their worlds and their convictions are about to collide.

Victor Rouen is not in the business of illegal smuggling, but agrees to a one time transport of French brandy at the plea of an old friend. In a race against time on a moonless spring night, he never bargained to rescue that same friend's foolish niece from drowning in the sea.

When Juliette St. Alban awakens in a strange bed aboard a ship headed for the Republic of Venice, outrage overcomes terror. But even as the fiery Juliette and her stormy host spar at each turn, a sizzling passion burns beneath the surface...and a deepening love that will be tested by the treacherous intrigue of resurrected secrets on both shores and the dark desires of those who plot to tear them apart.