Show Time - a psychological thriller by Phil Harvey

On sale for $0.99 12/23 - 12/29!

From a Pushcart-nominated author comes a cross between Hunger Games and Orwell’s 1984.

Viewing audiences have become totally desensitized to violence and happily addicted to sensational reality TV programming. When seven misfits are deposited on an island in the middle of Lake Superior, three women and four men risk death for a big cash payoff.

As far as the producers are concerned, the fewer survivors, the better the ratings. When the contestants turn the tables on the show’s directors, a terrible accident leaves one person dead and others in fear that a murderer stalks the island. Then the food runs out, leaving them with an even more horrible choice about possible food supplies. Will they survive the cold, the hunger, the producers, the audience members who can pay to make their lives tougher, and their fellow competitors?

“Show Time is a gripping page-turner. Reality TV has never been more frighteningly real.”
—John Fremont, author, Sins of the Fathers

“A vision of the future that is laugh-out-loud, until we realize how much it looks like the world we live in now.”
—Frank S. Joseph, award-winning author of To Love Mercy

“A thrilling immersion in the emotional, physical, and sexual reality of characters who thought they were playing a game but find they must fight to survive.”
—Linda Morefield, senior review editor, The Washington Independent Review of Books

For fans of the chilling dystopian vision of Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games, the social issues of oppressive government in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, and the accessible voice of Jonathan Franzen.

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