The Collectors Book Six: Black Gold: Volume 6 - Action /adventure from Ron A Sewell

Black Gold is the sixth in Ron Sewell’s Collectors series.

The Collectors is a series of action adventure novels. Two mercenaries are the heroes of each story and are dubbed the Collectors as their brief is to recover items that they are instructed to find – at a price, of course.

The odd couple comprise a disgraced British soldier, Petros Kyriades and Bear Morris, an S.A.S. veteran. The couple make Bodie and Doyle from the Professionals look like a couple of pussy cats, but Ron Sewell ensures that they are not just a pair of hard men. He has created two very rounded characters with personal ties that interest the reader and lots of back-story to keep us enthralled.

Done properly, the benefit of a long running series of books is that the characters have lots of history and develop in line with reader expectations, and the Collectors is done properly.

In Black Gold, the sixth and latest episode, Kyriades and Morris embark upon a number of missions including the collection of a missing piece of history from a house near Chernobyl, an item perhaps better left alone.

The style of their various adversaries are perhaps best described by quoting from a passage early in the book:

“On the deck. Hands behind your heads,” she sneered. “One word and I kill you.”

James stepped forward as a storm of anger rose within him. “I am the captain of this vessel and you can’t…”

A flash of disgust filled her eyes. The Uzi shifted and fired. A gaping red hole appeared in his chest and a mass of blood and bone spewed from his back.

So you can see that the villains here are exactly as it says on the tin.

This gritty opening sets the scene of the novel perfectly and you know right there that you’re in for a journey to remember.

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