The Vampire Diaries: UNQUENCHABLE (The Vampire Diaries at Kindle Worlds) - YA paranormal by Destiny Blaine

With Bonnie and Damon stuck on the other side, Caroline Forbes turns to the one person she can count on—Klaus Mikaelson. Not at all intimidated by an ‘original’ vampire, Caroline realizes the risks when she reaches out to Klaus but her heart is on the line right from the start.

Prepared to call in favors from old Mikaelson friends, Klaus and Caroline are soon on their way to Pennsylvania in search of an infamous witch. Their trip swerves toward danger when Gage, Klaus’s half-brother, discovers Klaus has begun an initiative to contact the other side.

Surprised to learn his estranged sibling is now an inconvenient obstacle, Klaus realizes Gage has the potential to become a real problem. Accompanied by a group of crossbreeds, Gage issues a dangerous ultimatum—Caroline or a favor.

With Caroline’s life in danger, Klaus has no other choice but to call Elijah for help but when his brother shows up with Elena and Enzo, too, the road trip is bound to end in disaster. To make matters worse, it’s hard to outrun a stealthy creature with nothing to lose and everything to gain. More importantly, Gage knows just how far to push Klaus to ensure his brother meets every last one of his demands.

Beta Reader Favorites from UNQUENCHABLE, Book One in the Love Bites Back trilogy 

1. Klaus to Caroline: “We both know I’m not after the girl, Caroline. I want the woman.”

2. Klaus: “If I’m in your head, it’s because you want me there, Caroline.”

3. Klaus to Caroline: “How nice of you to call. Let me guess, you broke a fingernail and it’s somehow my fault?”

4. Klaus about Tyler: “So tell me, love, what did the young Benedict Arnold do this time?”

5. Klaus to Rebekah: “Sister, when you fancy someone, how do you want them to pursue you?”

6. Rebekah to Klaus: “You’ve never been one to follow a cold trail.”

7. Klaus to Caroline: “You weren’t exactly in an apologetic mood the last time I saw you.”

8. Caroline to Klaus “I’m with the big bad wolf and his growl is as dangerous as his bite.”

9. “Surely the suggestion wasn’t terrible enough to warrant a theatrical slap to the mouth.”

10. New enemy to Caroline: “It’s nothing personal, pretty vamp. It’s a family matter. And according to Klaus, you’re now his family.”

11. Klaus to Caroline: “Please tell Enzo I have a dagger to dip in his blood.”

12. Klaus: “We’re already back to the ‘she loves me, she loves me not’ stages of our relationship.”

13. Klaus to Caroline: “I need you to promise me that no matter what—not in a fit of fury or an act of despair—you’ll never have anyone erase your memories of us.”

14. Klaus: “I never wanted to save everyone, sweetheart. Only you.”

15. Elena to Enzo: “Don’t make me regret this.”
Enzo: “If you do? Go see Alaric. He’ll make you forget this trip ever happened.”

16. Caroline: “This is our moment, Klaus.”

17. Elijah to Enzo: “You would be doing yourself a great disservice if you ever challenged my brother.”

18. Enzo in regards to Klaus and Elijah: “I wouldn’t dream of it, Elena. They’re quite entertaining when they break open that aging bottle of brotherly love.”

19. Enzo about the panthers: “Something tells me they aren’t exactly shaking in their claws.”

20: Enzo: “Blondie, for once Klaus and I can agree on something. Be a doll and go turn on the cartoons. Let the adults handle this.”

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